Money Management Curriculum

    Money Management Curriculum

    The objective of the money management curriculum is to help students understand their financial standing and create a plan that will help them succeed in improving their financial future. There are eight modules in the money management curriculum and each module addresses a topic that will help students take control of their finances.

    The modules can be presented in an eight week teaching series, each module could be a standalone presentation if we don’t take into account the overlying objective of creating a financial plan as well. The presentation of the modules can be between 1-2 hours, depending on how interactive you are with your audience, and the amount of examples that you incorporate.

    Below are Power Point files and teaching notes with handouts and resources for each module.

    Project Team

    • Ruby Ward, Professor, Utah State University
    • Trent Teegerstrom, Associate Director of Tribal Extension, University of Arizona
    • Karli Salisbury, Research Associate, Utah State University
    • Kynda Curtis, Professor, Utah State University
    • Staci Emm, Extension Educator and Professor, University of Nevada Reno
    • Carol Bishop, Extension Education and Associate Professor, University of Nevada Reno
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